Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stopping the Madness

If it takes cost cutting to improve the user experience of MySpace Music then I say "hack away." The service recently announced that it would disable the autoplay feature that ensures that every time you go to an artist page you would automatically be assaulted by a song (usually the same one for weeks or months at a time). And it's really great if you're already listening to music on your computer and now you have the worst mash up ever. The service is reportedly burning through $10 million in streaming costs every month, so cutting the number of streams is money saved, right to the bottom line. Hooooray!

So thanks, MySpace, and while we're at it, in addition to disabling auto play, just a few suggestions for all other music sites:

Get rid of the flash--stop getting in your own way. No one's impressed. And enough with the annoying skins and widgets for your widgets. Just let me hear your music, learn more about you and find out when you're playing next.

Instead of having to come up and remember user names, can't we use our email address?

Why can't I see the password I'm typing? Are those asterisks supposed to protect me from someone lurking at Starbucks?

Yeah, I'm cranky, but I'm also right. Let me know what you think.

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Anonymous said...

you are correct, sir!